Brain Break Teaching Video

You will research brain breaks and create one of your own. You will present your brain break to me via video. The video should be 5-7 minutes.  You should teach this activity as if you are teaching the activity to your class for the first time. You can have people in your video, or it can be just you. Please remember that teachers do not teach sitting down. 

Please consider the following things that should be addressed in the video. Please look at the rubric. There are seven different things I will be looking for in the video. Each section is worth 10 points. Have fun with this assignment. 

  • Start and Stop Signals
  • Grouping
  • Appropriate spacing
  • Handling of Equipment
  • Effective Communication
  • Safety
  • Overall teaching skills

Please note that the skill of grouping students is critical when you are formally observed in the future. Spend some time thinking about the quickest and most effective way to group students. For example, counting one, two, one, two takes up too much time.

Please review the inappropriate practices in chapter 7.

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