ELE00008M Enterprise Coursework Assessment

As part of this module, you will be exploring a new start-up company dealing with bicycle
manufacturing. You will be working in a team using an online business simulation software called
‘SimVenture Evolution’. As a baseline, the company has been set up with £175K of cash in the
bank, a single employee (in the Production department) and small premises in a rural location. In
your groups, your task is to identify an opportunity within the Road Bike market and execute a
strategy to build the company from its small (though well-funded) beginnings into a sustainable
There are three components in this module’s assessment:
● Group Presentation (25%)
● Group Business report (50%)
● Individual Reflective and Peer assessment report (25%)
During week 8 and 9 of the Spring term, your team will be asked to give a pitch presentation on
your business development from a marketing perspective. The aim of the presentation is to give
prospective investors a realistic update on your business execution and marketing strategies.
As a group, you will need to submit a Business plan report to prove your entrepreneurial capabilities.
Minutes of all meetings you have need to be formally recorded. It would be wise to keep your
module tutors up-to-date with your group’s progress by sending these minutes by email on a weekly
basis. You are also required to do peer assessment of your team members in a reflective essay
therefore record keeping is a crucial activity, especially in the development process. Please note that
the success of your business will depend on the commercial viability of the product offer as well as the
timing, order and quality of the decisions made. So, as a team, you will need to be very careful with
your decision-making within the simulation platform. Every decision will have a potential impact
in some aspect of your business, so you will need to be very strategic with every approach.
Remember, even with a viable product in place, you will need to manage cash flow to begin to turn
a regular profit. As sales increase, you will need to invest in creating capacity to fulfil your
expanding order book.
The overall framework of SimVenture Evolution is shown in Figure 1. There are five core
components that you will need to evaluate as a team and these include:
● Company
● Organization
● Operations
● Research & Development
● Sales & Marketing

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