Essay on Good Leadership skills

Yoder-Wise, 2019 defines Cultural Competence as the process in which the healthcare provider continuously strives to achieve the ability to effectively work within the cultural context of a client. Essentially, leaders responsibility is awareness of patients and employees cultures so they understand how culture affects patients’ decisions, patient outcomes and how employees communication with others

. There are four strategies that I would use in accordance to the Culturally Linguistically Appropriate Services standards to care for non-English speaking Patients. One example is offering language assistance to individuals who do not understand English or have other communication needs. Another example is to communicate to non- English speakers about available language assistance services in their preferred language. I also must ensure that individuals providing language assistance are competent and interpreter services are not provided by untrained or minor translator. Last, provide non speakers with easy to understand print and materials in the dominate language of the service area. (Minority Health, 2020).

            Thetop ten Leadership Qualities I chose are delegator, influential, positive, communicative, accountable, humble, empathetic, gratitude, self awareness, and dependable. I chose these ten leadership qualities because they make it easier for me to work with a manager who exhibits these skills. A leader who is a good delegator is able to keep the work environment peaceful and promote the best patient outcomes. An Influential leader makes it easier for me to take their advice because I trust this person. I find it easier to work with a person with a positive attitude because they usually have a solution for problems instead of complaining.

I abhor leaders that are not communicative because it creates an unpleasant environment. I think leaders should be accountable for their team and not pass the buck. Leaders should be humble because it a sign of respect when you do not act like a know it all.

I believe nurse leaders should be empathetic to promote the best patient outcomes. Texas A&M International University, 2019 agree by stating empathy is essential to promoting a dialogue with patients about their discomfort, worries and preferences. When a leader shows gratitude employees tend to be more helpful and happier. Leaders should be self aware of what they are good and not so good at to help improve the work environment. I need a leader who I can depend on to help me during a crisis. I think these leadership qualities promote happiness, better patient outcomes and a positive work environment.

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