Hotel operations case study report

This assessment item requires you to prepare a case study report on a hotel of your choice,
outlining current operational issues and challenges, and to subsequently develop a suite of
recommendations to address these. This must include an analysis of how the hotel has navigated
the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, in addition to other internal and external factors that affect
hotel operations. It is critically important to demonstrate your knowledge of hotel operations
management concepts and practices in your report. Information presented in the report can be
from published studies (e.g. journal articles, books), other relevant sources (e.g. hotel website,
other websites such as Tripadvisor, Yelp etc.). You should thoroughly research the hotel to ensure
a comprehensive report.
Referencing should be in APA style.
Frequently Asked Questions: Case study report

  1. Question
    With regards to the Case Study Report assessment, do we need to analyse one hotel or are we
    able to analyse a chain of hotels?
    The case study should be on ONE hotel, not an entire chain. However, many operational
    decisions are made at the chain level. You can therefore refer to what’s happening within the
    chain, where relevant.
    If you were to write a report on the entire chain, you would overwhelm and confuse yourself
    (e.g. a chain can run operations in New York and Asia, for instance, with completing different
    operating environments, challenges etc). It would be very hard then to make recommendations
    when you are dealing with so many variables.
  2. Question
    Are references and diagrams/tables included in the word limit?
    References, tables/diagrams are not included in the word limit
  3. Question
    Is the executive summary included in the word limit?
    4 Question
    Can we choose any hotel in any location?
    Yes! (except Emporium Hotel, and Fantauzzo Hotel, as these were discussed in class/tutorial
  4. Question
    Which topics do you need cover?
    In this assessment you should demonstrate that you have grasped a wide range of hospitality
    operations issues and concepts in the course. The topics you will discuss will depend on the

issues you identify in your case study. You will need to demonstrate that you have also
researched widely in academic and other sources. There is no set list of topics.
Hello Everyone,
I am feeling generous today, and thought I’d provide some useful tips for success in the Case
Study Report assignment.
My top 5 tips ️
Research widely (e.g. journal articles, books, the relevant hotel website(s), online reviews (e.g.
Tripadvisor, Yelp, others), other online sources, are all at your disposal). A case study requires
you to be resourceful. It also requires a high level of detail.
Show off your hotel operations knowledge and industry jargon. Go beyond the surface in your
analysis and incorporate the various concepts we discussed in the course. If you’re eyeing that
elusive 7 (High Distinction), this is the key!
Include as many departments of the hotel as possible in your analysis. This will of course depend
on the issues (internal and external) that apply to your case.
Critical thinking is always required in academic writing. Show that you understand the complexity
of hotel operations.
Finally, cite sources rigorously. Always back your claims with research evidence.
I hope these are useful. I know without a doubt I will see many really impressive reports
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